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Why want socks to keep warm, the preferred wool

Kobe 2017-01-08 16:30:35

" People feel cold because feet cold" ,even if wearing a down jacket and warm pants, wearing a thick scarf, wearing snow boots, But the lack of a pair of warm socks still can't resist the deadly winter!

A pair of socks to keep warm, in fact, because the fabric of the air compartment to slow down the skin and the outside heat exchange, which is similar with the warm down jacket. In the common fabric of socks, wool is the best thermal effect. In other words, if we want to find warm socks, then this pair of socks to form the thicker the better the air compartment, the higher the proportion of wool the better.

Wool features:

1. Wool material natural comfortable soft and elastic not easy to wrinkle

2.Wool has excellent thermal insulation performance

3. Has a good ventilation characteristics

4.Wool easy to pilling easy to shrink

Warm reasons: Wool socks to form a lot of small space, already less likely to heat, a lot of layers of air is more difficult, simply that is wrapped in warm sweater air, not so easy to transfer to the outside of the cold air.

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