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Do not buy these four kinds of socks, it hurts your feet too much!

2021-01-22 15:38:31

Socks of different prices look the same, but they hide many health problem. Wearing the wrong socks is not only uncomfortable, but may also invite diseases.

1. Excessive formaldehyde and aromatic amines-harm to the skin of the feet
Socks will use a lot of alkali-containing substances in the production process. Socks will be fully washed before leaving the factory. Inferior socks not only have no cleaning process, but also have problems with the materials used, so there will be excessive formaldehyde and aromatic amines Happening.

The presence of formaldehyde and aromatic amines in socks is more terrifying than in clothes, because the sweat glands, blood vessels, and nervous system on the soles of human feet are very developed. When some liquid is discharged from the feet, these liquids may cause the decomposition of dyes. The harmful substances are not easy to spread, and the constant friction with the feet will increase the damage to the skin and cause skin allergies.

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2. Discoloration is serious-contains substances harmful to the human body

The color of the socks is also an important indicator for testing the conformity of a socks. The color of the socks is not only a problem of contaminating other clothes, but also due to the addition of various dyes in the manufacturing process of textile products, these chemical agents will more or less produce Substances harmful to the human body.

3. The socks are too tight-not conducive to blood circulation

Some socks have tighter mouths, and after taking off the socks, you can still see a strangle mark on the ankle. Wearing such socks for a long time, the local compression of the ankle will often lead to increased blood pressure and even cause heart disease.

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4. It breaks after a few wears abrasion the skin of the feet

Some The socks break after a few days of wearing, indicating that the abrasion resistance of the socks is unqualified. They are made of materials with poor abrasion resistance, which are not only easy to wear, but also may abrade the feet.

What are the particularities of choosing socks?

1. Light color first
When buying socks, prefer light-colored socks, because the brighter the color, the more chemical ingredients added to the socks.

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2. Mainly pure cotton
Buying socks depends not only on the appearance, but also on the material. Pure cotton is a good choice. Socks made of pure cotton have good water absorption and air permeability. They are not only comfortable to wear on the feet, but can also absorb sweat from the feet in time, Keep your feet dry.

3. Choose socks with better elasticity
The socks with better elasticity fit on the feet and will not fall off or slip. Inferior socks with poor elasticity are easy to deform after washing once, and the fibers are easy to knot. When walking, the socks will rub against the feet, which will damage the feet, Affect normal walking.