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Different socks types

2021-04-23 18:35:50

Like the clothes we wear, socks have various types too. It can be separate in different ranges, such as sock’s length, different sex socks, sock’s function, sock’s pattern and so on. People can chose the socks whatever they want to match their personal style.

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First, sock’s length. It can be separate in multiple types. The longest socks is  stocking, then is knee high socks, after that is medium length socks which below the knees, then is calves socks and short socks, finally is boat socks. Because of the wide range of sock’s length, you can chose whatever length you like.

Second, the socks welt. It is basically different in the short socks range. Some socks welt can cover your full instep, and other will cover a half of it. It is basically depends on what type of shoes you wear and see if it shows your bare feet.

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Third, socks material. There are different materials due to what people needs. Such as, cotton, silk, bamboo and so on.

Forth, socks function. The function of the socks is various. From daily use to sport. From normal to anti-slip and so on. You can chose function socks due to your need.

Fifth, socks pattern. The pattern can be checker, stripe, floral or lace. Different style people wear different pattern socks. For example, British people love wearing checker socks.

In Ji Xing Feng (Breathable Anti Slip Socks Supplier China)  You can see that there are tons of different socks, therefore you definitely can find the one you like.