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Classification of socks 2

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2019-01-08
4.Sport socks

Sports socks, there is a small vent above one by one, comfortable and breathable, breathable than ordinary socks are much larger.Many athletes, like running sports cycling little brother will buy sports socks.

5.Loose socks

In recent years, more and more fairies have bought this one, no matter what they wear.

6.Knee socks

I think this style is more popular with girls. Many girls buy matching skirt with different embroidery socks. They wear plaid skirt with different embroidery.


Pantyhose, with lace, there are also winter with velvet, probably spring, summer, autumn and winter have the right pantyhose to wear.There are also many graphic elements of socks super popular with girls.Of course, pantyhose is more popular with girls, there are different degrees of thickness.