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Choosing the right socks is more important than choosing running shoes?

2020-10-09 14:44:13

Running needs to be armed from the feet. Although socks look humble, they are not less effective than shoes. Socks are the equipment that has the closest contact with you. Their quality directly affects your most intuitive feeling of running. For people who are prone to sweating, this is the most important equipment.

A good pair of running socks is very important

The feet are called the "second heart" of people. When running, socks are the most intimate equipment in contact with the feet. Because of the distance and road conditions, the feet are in constant motion, a little carelessness can easily cause blisters. Although it is not a major injury or pain, it will definitely affect your performance. Therefore, during running, choosing a good pair of running socks is very important to prevent blisters and foot injuries!

Oem Sport Running Socks Supplier

How to choose the right running socks?

1. Comfort

Buy running shoes to fit your feet, and buy running socks to fit your feet even more, and you must also match your running shoes. If you are wearing a pair of high-top running shoes, naturally choose higher socks, and try to prevent the chance of running shoes in direct contact with your skin. When buying running socks, be sure not to be "short". The tube socks that have just passed the ankle are more suitable for running.

2. Wrapping

Professional running socks rely on unique weaves and yarns, through the terry structure of the textile technology, increase the thickness, accommodate more air, cushion and shock absorption in the foot and shoe space, so that the feet are three-dimensionally wrapped to obtain a full range protection of.

Pay attention to the stitching method of the socks when purchasing. Good running socks have no bone stitches, and the toe of the socks is very smooth, without protrusions and leaving no threads.

3. Water absorption and sweat removal

If the basic function of running socks is quick-drying: quickly drain moisture, so that it is not easy to cause friction and softness: softness can be skin friendly, especially after the socks are washed, they should not become hard.

4. Functionality

Nowadays, sports socks are also diverse, with five-finger socks and compression socks.JI XING FENG Oem Compression Socks Supplier ,You can choose according to your needs. Compression stockings, like compression stockings, are of great help to the flow of blood in the foot during long-distance running, and can effectively prevent swelling of the feet. If you are going to run longer races, you can choose this type of socks.