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Are you satisfied with your socks?

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2016-11-08

In daily life, perhaps because too busy and let us therefore ignore the many details of life. For example, whether you have noticed your socks is not suitable for you, whether it is comfortable to wear it?

Satisfaction of socks:

Not Pilling

Combed cotton is a long and tidy cotton fiber left behind by a machine called a combing machine that removes short fibers from ordinary fibers. Due to the removal of short cotton fiber and other fiber impurities, combed cotton out of the cotton yarn is more delicate, the feel of the finished product is also more smooth and comfortable, cotton is a better quality. Combed cotton is more toughness, not easy to pilling. The combed cotton yarn is smoother, smooth and flat, with no neps.


Jixingfeng sock knitting factory is located in Nanhai sock industrial zone of Foshan City,is an enterprise specialized in sock new styles development and manufacture. We can undertake OEM, domestic brands and export orders.


Good quality of  raw materials, reasonable prices, strict quality control, on time delivery, and good after-sales are the principles our factory adhered to.We sincerely hope to maintain long-term business relations with new and old customers.