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Application of chitosan in the dyeing and printing industry

Kobe Yin 2016-11-07 15:50:49

Chitosan as natural renewable resources because of its good biological activity biodegradable biological compatibility Non-toxic and so on to cause the attention of many scholars Research shows that chitosan in textile dyeing and printing industry has a broad application prospect.

Solid color effect

Chitosan molecules containing a large number of NH2 or - OH, affinity of fiber performance is good, can penetrate the fibers and fiber reactive group - OH - NH2 with hydrogen bond or covalent bonds And because of its is nitrogen cationic polymer, can react with anionic dyes, therefore, is regarded as the ideal of anionic dye fixing agent.

wrinkle proofing

Chitosan bad crease-resist finishing mainly used in wrinkle resistance of cotton fabric Hemp fabrics such as silk fabric Because chitosan film sex is strong, and similar to cellulose chemical structure, the cotton fiber has good adsorption and compatibility The chitosan finishing of cotton fabrics Study anti-wrinkle properties of the polyester/cotton blended fabric, the fabric elastic recovery Angle is increased, and the higher the concentration of chitosan treatment fluid, the greater the Angle of elastic recovery, improve the wrinkle resistance.

Dyeing and printing dye antibacterial finishing

Finishing fabric has antibacterial ability, chitosan using glutaraldehyde as crosslinking agent of cotton fabric in e. coli pneumonia bacillus candida albicans antibacterial rate was 100%, the antibacterial rate is more than 75% of bacillus subtilis, soaping after 50 times antibacterial rate is above 50% Cotton fabric treated by chitosan and citric acid mixture in antibacterial antibacterial experiment shows that the product has the obvious broad-spectrum antibacterial effect.

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