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Elegant every day-Men socks (two)

Kobe Yin 2016-11-07 14:15:30

"Socks create charm men, they are not novelty things. Most people tend to judge a man's taste through the shoes, and I was through the socks, socks can show a person's style and character; socks a bit like underwear, your other half if Not to wear socks, is tantamount to encouraging you to cheat."

Different occasions match a variety of socks

We will in different occasions, business banquets and leisure party Cocktail party friend birthday wedding ~ formal degree is not the same as what we select socks is different also Formal dress socks, had better choose black dress socks, material is pure silk commonly, quality of a material is thin If is to go to a cocktail party or leisure occasions, men usually wear khakis or jeans, then can match a pair of thick socks.

Men's clothing tips

1.    Wear dress socks, don't open the legs, when men sat down, the legs will increase, and this is why it is so important to wear a suit, should match dress socks, because dress socks will have a lot of kinds of length, fabric with wool mostly made of pure silk and top socks will have a rubber band, will not fall down.

2.    Suit is the most formal colors are navy blue and dark blue, not black, so we try to choose dark when in the choice of formal socks.


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