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Socks waste utilization -- Creative Cleaning

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2016-11-08

Socks as a warm winter must have a single product, probably everyone reserves more than a dozen pairs of socks and replacement of socks more frequently, then in the end how to deal with the accumulation of old socks at home it?

Old socks can only be thrown away? No!!!

Old socks using - Creative Cleaning

1.    Set the old socks in the hand, dip a little vinegar and water, pinch the leaves back and forth scrubbing, you can also clean the desk cupboard, easy to clean, simple and convenient not to hurt the hand.

2.    The old cotton socks absorb water well, the socks set in the mop, cleaning ability Bang Bang da, used to throw a pity.

3.    Cotton socks are very soft, can be used to clean shoes, not to hurt the upper.

4.    Shoes wear for a long time there will be smell, put socks inside the spices, tie a good mouth on the shoes, you can quickly eliminate the odor, is not very convenient?

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