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5 kinds of children's socks that should be eliminated

2020-11-30 10:51:36

Socks may seem inconspicuous, but they hide many health pathways. Wearing the wrong socks may not only be uncomfortable, but may also cause diseases, especially children's socks.

1. Serious discoloration

Because textile products need to add various dyes, auxiliaries and other finishing agents in the process of printing and dyeing and post-finishing, after the socks fade, these chemical agents remain on the surface of the skin, which may contain or produce harmful substances to the human body.

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2. The socks are tight

The child is in a critical period of growth and development. For young children and infants, great motor development is very important. Socks with tight openings will make children feel uncomfortable. Not only will they block the blood circulation of the children’s feet, it will affect the children’s sports development such as climbing, walking, running, and jumping. There will be backwardness.

3. Too loose socks

Many mothers think that socks are elastic and can be worn repeatedly as long as the child does not wear badly. However, such socks will have the same problem, that is, the socks are too loose. In winter, the socks can’t cover the long trousers, the cold wind will get into the trouser legs directly, and the socks will fall off when walking, running and jumping, making the child more likely to fall.

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4. Socks have too much thread

If you buy socks that are too cheap for your child, in most cases you will face the trouble of too much thread, which actually hides safety risks. If the thread is wrapped tightly around the child's toe for a long time, it will cause the child's blood to be blocked, and in severe cases, the child may even face the risk of losing the toe, so be careful.

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5. Poor material does not absorb moisture

Socks made of chemical fiber, and some bad socks, have poor ventilation and moisture absorption. Children who have long-term contact with this type of socks are not only prone to skin allergies, but also have a strong metabolism. When they sweat, they will wet the socks and the children’s feet will be cold. , But also easy to catch a cold and get sick. It should be preferred to choose socks with cotton fiber as the mainstay and an appropriate amount of elastic fiber.