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What to pay attention to when choosing socks for your baby

2020-11-27 15:43:27

1. Acrylic, nylon, woolen socks

Do not wear socks made of acrylic or nylon for your baby, because such socks are not breathable and do not absorb sweat. After the baby has sweaty feet, it will not only smell bad but also slip easily;
The woolen socks are very tight, which stimulates the baby's delicate skin and makes the baby feel uncomfortable.

2. Tight-fitting body socks

Some mothers buy tight-fitting body socks for girls to match their beauty. Wearing body stockings for your baby can easily affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs. It is recommended not to wear them. And the body socks are mostly made of high-elastic acrylic, which is very unfavorable to the health of the baby.

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3. Socks with too bright colors

Baby's socks should preferably be light-colored. Because of the colorful clothes, in the process of dyeing and washing, it is possible to use substances containing formaldehyde.

The darker the color, the lower the safety factor. The baby's nose and mouth are very close to the feet. Some babies will even eat their feet, so be sure to choose original or light-colored socks made of pure cotton.

4. Don't pick socks that are too tight

Babies’ feet are different from adults. They have short ankles and short calves. Therefore, too tight socks and too long sock barrels will restrain the baby's ankles and calves, affecting activity and blood circulation.
Choose socks for your baby. The socks should be wide and moderately tight. It is advisable to stretch the sleeves at the ankles of the baby to extend into the two fingers of the adult without feeling the flesh.

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5. Don't choose socks with too much thread

When buying socks for your baby, you must remember to turn the socks over for inspection. If you find that there are a lot of threads, it is best not to buy them, especially the threads formed by many jacquards, which are easy to pull the baby.

First choice cotton material for socks

100% cotton baby socks supplier,Pure cotton socks have good warmth, elasticity and comfortable texture, which are the best choice for babies.
In addition to the cotton content of a good pair of socks, other ingredients are also very important. Add a proper proportion of mixed fiber and high-grade cotton yarn, so that the socks can achieve the effect of simultaneous moisture absorption and dehumidification, so that the body of the socks is more smooth and elastic, and warm and breathable.