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socks waste utilization -- Creative Toy

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2016-11-11

Socks as a warm winter must have a single product, probably everyone reserves more than a dozen pairs of socks and replacement of socks more frequently, then in the end how to deal with the accumulation of old socks at home it?

Old socks can only be thrown away? No!!!

Old socks using - Creative Toy

1. Many children are like cats, cats lazy lying in the sun nap, baby play in the side, this picture is not very warm it? And the baby to do with a cat doll, enjoy hands-on DIY fun.

2. baby who are like to snow the snowman, to be a sock snowman doll. Cut the foot part, fitted with rice, knot, tied scarves, sew two buttons, is a beautiful snow doll.

3. Cut the socks, which filled the cotton, two sewing, casually painted a few pen is a lovely bird's nest.

4. Cut off the sole part of the sock, leaving the socks above the heel. A layer of rolled up, and then from outside to inside into a petal-like. Add some decoration, you can become the United States and the United States rose bonsai.


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