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Why do babies have to wear socks?

Kobe Yin 2018-04-17 09:32:21
Babies who can't walk also have to wear socks. Babies don't walk, they don't wear shoes, but they wear socks (winter infant socks company), because:

The body temperature regulation function of the infant is not mature, the ability to produce heat is small, and the heat dissipation ability is large, and the surface area is relatively large, it is easier to heat the heat.When the environment temperature slightly low, the little baby's peripheral circulation is bad, touch his feet cool, if the baby wear socks, can play a certain heat preservation effect, avoid catch a cold, children also feel comfortable.

With the growth of the baby's monthly age, his ability has grown considerably, especially in the lower limbs.When he was happy, dancing, not happy crying, also often is a push to the unrest, may say as long as it's not sleeping time, he always kept activity, this will increase the chance of injury of the skin, toes, some children even worn out the roots of the skin, put on newborn knit socks China can reduce the occurrence of the damage.

Baby skin contact with the external environment opportunity more and more, some of the harmful material such as dirt, such as dust, can invade the body by children's delicate skin, increases the chances of infection, put on socks can have the effect of cleaning and hygiene, also can prevent mosquito bites.

It can be seen that small babies wear socks to the health benefits, those who think children are small, do not wear socks is wrong, should be corrected.

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