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What’s the difference of normal socks and sports socks?

2021-03-24 19:32:23

When we watch sports games, especially football games. We can see that all the athletics are wearing long socks. Why they need to change in to long sports socks?What is the feature of it make the sports socks different from normal socks.

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First, the length different. Sports socks are longer than normal socks is because it can protect the feet and ankle from injury. On the other hand, longer socks can fits the shin pad that can protect the legs of athletics.

Second, longer socks are more visible. While playing sports, it is hard to separate two teams. The sports socks is more visible for the teammate and the judge to recognize. Hence, athletics can focus on the game without distraction.

Third, the texture and the elastic band. Sports socks is more tighter than the normal one, because it can warp the muscle tightly that can boost the performance of the athletics. Plus, the tightness of the socks can prevent socks from slippery. The material of the sports socks is more breathable and sweat wicking.

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