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Wet socks cure a cold

Kobe Yin 2018-07-27 13:25:18
In the middle of the winter, you suddenly start to feel sleepy on your way to work. A few hours later, you notice that you start to have a sore throat, runny nose, a headache, a headache, and a lack of concentration.And this time, when the precursors of a cold appear, we recommend trying new therapies:

Take a hot bath, drink lots of hot water, and prepare wet socks (modal socks factory) before bed.Don't be surprised, we can assure you that many people are trying this out.You might think: wet socks, that must be uncomfortable!But wait a minute, the actual use isn't as bad as you think, and it works.Trust us!

What you need is a pair of cotton towel socks and water.Then, let your body do all the work.First, let me briefly explain why wet socks work.When your brain goes to sleep in your wet socks, your feet remain awake while your brain is asleep, and the blood vessels in your feet contract as they cool down, and they begin to carry all the nutrients to your organs and tissues.We bet you've never thought of it that way, have you?These nutrients are needed to stimulate circulation when the body's immune system fights most infections and bacteria.

Next, your feet will start to warm up again, your blood vessels will begin to expand, releasing all the heat stored.When toxins accumulated in tissue are brought into the bloodstream and sent to the kidneys so that the body can process them out, the cold and heat exchange in the feet creates a pumping mechanism that stimulates circulation and activates lymphatic vessels.As a result, the immune system is fully activated and socks (chinese modal sock manufacturers) are completely dry in the morning.Let your family and children try this spa treatment as you do!

To get the treatment right, you should do the following: put your feet in hot water for at least 3 minutes before you go to bed. You can also soak in the tub for a few minutes.Then make a foot ring with a cotton towel, wet it with cold water, and immediately put it on the hot feet in the hot water, then try on the wet socks (cotton modal socks supplier China) soaked in cold water as mentioned before.Your feet are warm at the beginning, so this cold and hot alternation is tolerable.