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Wearing socks to bed really good? (1)

Kobe Yin 2016-12-22 15:56:36

There are many people are easy to cold hands and feet, especially in the winter, always feel when the feet are cold feet, you will think of sleeping in the socks can be warm, that nice ah, but there are a lot of people think that wearing socks to sleep well , The body will feel very awkward, the other is not conducive to blood circulation, it is recommended that you do not wear socks to sleep, then these two kinds of view is correct.

In fact, wearing socks to sleep is good, but there are disadvantages, and wear socks to sleep can really play a role in the warm, but if the foot is relatively easy to cool friends suggest you conditioning the body, especially in the diet and more conditioning about, and then Every night before going to bed with hot water is best to bubble feet, taking advantage of the feet of the heat Jinjin quickly into the bed will be much better, do not have to wear socks to sleep, the following give you a brief introduction to wear socks to sleep related content.

In general, sleep wear socks is not conducive to blood circulation and skin metabolism, wear socks to sleep lead to foot "breathing" blocked, in addition, wearing socks too much will likely cause beriberi. Before going to bed with hot feet, is a lot of people used to promote sleep practices.



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