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Wearing attention of Varicose veins Socks

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2016-10-29

Wearing attention of Varicose veins Socks

1.    Varicose veins socks should be selected before wearing dress acceptable acceptable pressure, not the blind pursuit of high pressure. Long wearing improper socks will be out of the leg swelling, red pimple, and accompanied by pruritus.

2.    Severe leg skin disease with caution, leg arthritis with caution.

3.    Severe arteriosclerosis in patients with thrombosis disabled.

4.    Socks should pay attention to the nail before wearing scratches do not scratch the socks, shoes or boots to note the buckle and zipper to avoid scratching socks.

Side Effect:      

1.    Varicose veins socks because of the pressure on the legs, so when it will be tight to wear, will cause uncomfortable feeling of the legs, take time to adapt.

2.    Varicose veins socks when the summer will be more hot to wear.


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