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Men’s Sock Collocation - Business Casual

Kobe Yin 2016-10-30 17:34:44

Men’s Sock Collocation - Business Casual

In many cases, you buy the right shoes, but wearing the wrong socks, but you may do not know.

Maybe you think, socks are usually covered trousers, so the feeling is not so important.

To tell you, fashion up to people, they like to focus on some small accessories to enhance their overall mix and quality.

Therefore, to use the correct attitude and approach to treat your socks, should be based on different wear and different shoes to match.

Business and leisure should be the most widely used bar. In this case, it is recommended to add more color to the socks, to reduce the dull sense with a solid color.

Details of the effort, it is more exquisite stress. Diamond pattern on the pattern with the most easily.

There are many tricks, earth color, dark blue line is more able to walk in the leisure and dress before the color.

If there is bright color to reconcile, light-color proportion should not be too much, will be too fancy, unless the pure leisure, otherwise the main color or dark for the wonderful.

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