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Wash socks tips

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2016-12-05

Socks in the day, almost every minute with us closely linked, then the socks for cleaning is particularly important, because the socks and skin contact with a long time, if not scientific washing, will directly cause skin diseases, etc., but also Affect the life of socks.

Wash socks tips:

Ordinary cotton socks, soaked in water for 2 hours or so, and then cast Laundry liquid hot water wash;

Stockings, nylon socks and so on, washing should be placed on the following 40 ° put the water slightly rub Laundry liquid, avoid hard Meng Cuo;

Wool socks washing, first Laundry liquid power into the hot water to melt, and other water cooling, then the socks into, dip about, and then gently scrub the hand;

Bamboo fiber socks: bamboo fiber within the special ultra-fine pore structure so that it has a strong adsorption capacity, adsorption of formaldehyde in the air, benzene, toluene, ammonia and other harmful substances, and eliminate bad odor.

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