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How to wash white socks?

Kobe Yin 2016-12-06 16:00:58

Socks in the day, almost every minute with us closely linked, then the socks for cleaning is particularly important, because the socks and skin contact with a long time, if not scientific washing, will directly cause skin diseases, etc., but also Affect the life of socks.

How to wash white socks?

1. put the socks put a few fresh water rub, do not put any detergent; and then wring dry, the liquid detergent on the dirt most difficult to clean the site to be coated a little Oh; then put it aside for at least 5 minutes, then You can easily down the top of the dirt washed away, the future will not have to wear white socks difficult to wash the trouble.

2. white socks if the yellow, and can be put on the laundry liquid standing for 30 minutes before washing. For the milk stains on clothes, but also cast a long time to put a laundry solution for a long time, and then the normal washing.

3. Taomi Shui: Taomi Shui is the kitchen of natural cleansers and detergents, will wear dirty white socks on Taomi Shui heavy soak for 20 minutes, wash with a liquid detergent, will be very clean Oh!

4. laundry liquid + vinegar, dirty and smelly socks, how can I wash clean and fresh? Wash the socks, the drops of two drops of vinegar, soak for a while and then clean, and then wipe the laundry liquid rub, laundry liquid can remove dirty socks stains and smelly flavor; and vinegar can deep into the socks to the socks fiber depth sterilization, to prevent Fungal transmission. In addition, the liquid detergent or natural softener and brightener, can reduce the decolorization socks.

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