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The wave of movement is coming, how do you choose your own sports socks-Skiing socks

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2017-08-10
Sports fitness has now become a universal popular sport, both physical fitness, but also relax. Socks as the first protective layer of the foot, in all kinds of sports in the foot of the protection plays a vital role.

This limit has the characteristics of fast speed and steep slope. Speed skating is easy to stand, especially the ankle is easy to get hurt, so it is necessary to choose a suitable pair of ski socks.

Ski socks should be used for skiing, but general stockings can be used (either basketball socks or baseball socks). The socks are only suitable for non-skiing time, mainly because the ski boots are high, the socks are too low, the skin is directly in contact with the boots of the snow shoes, and it can be easily caused by friction.

The ski socks should choose the waist high, the elasticity is good, should not overthick to ensure the flexibility of the movement.

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