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The specific weaving process of socks

Kobe Yin 2017-12-14 10:32:34

1. According to different countries, regions, different seasons, different occasions, different professions, different price points male, female, children need socks.

2. Purchase different main, auxiliary materials and jacquard materials according to the required socks and socks manufacturer.

3.  According to customer's requirement, make socks sample and prenatal samples.

4.  According to the sample socks selected by the customer, the socks manufacturer chooses the original, auxiliary materials and jacquard materials.

5.  Make scientific and reasonable socks weaving process according to customer selected sample socks by socks manufacturer's engineering technicians.

6.  Socks manufacturer enters the socks weaving process according to the weaving process flow.

7.  After the socks get off the machine, it enters the inspection, and the qualified products flow into the next sock sewing process.

8.  Off the plane after inspection qualified socks, according to the weaving process into the sock head points For sewing head (also known as the hand stitch) and disk machine sewing (also called blind stitch) or computer machine sewing (also called straight seam).

9.  The sewn socks are once again in the full test.

10.  Seam inspection of qualified socks into the shaping process.

11.  Finished socks are flowing into the socks matching process.

12.  Match the socks and pack into the semi-finished warehouse according to the color of the goods.

13.  Packaging workshop shall enter the packaging process according to the customer's requirements.

14.  Packaged finished socks are classified into boxes according to the customer's requirements and into the finished goods warehouse.

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