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The second important function of the sock - warmth

Kobe Yin 2016-09-29 15:34:57
   Since the Autumn, the weather is getting colder and people are starting to wear socks.Cold weather, wearing socks is the best way to keep warm
feet, which is very important socks warm function.Whether it is clothes,
bedding or socks,The basic principle of warmth is the formation of air
through the fabric compartment,to slow the heat exchange between the
skin and the outside world.
   So in general, for socks the thicker the warmer.Many people in the winter
will choose to wear thicker towel socks.In the commonly used in socks
fabric, wool thermal effect second to none, but the drawback is that absorbent effect is not good.Followed is cotton socks, especially organic
cotton socks warm better.Choose a good pair of socks, make your life
more exciting.
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