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The relationship between pantyhose and men

Kobe Yin 2019-11-06 16:10:00
1. Pantyhose was originally designed for men.From the 8th century to the 17th century and even the mid-18th century,pantyhose is the most basic part of European men's clothing, from the royalfamily to the royal family. Wear pantyhose, have money to wear silk and silk,the most noble in white and red, poor people wear green and black, with linenas the main texture, only men in only ten centuries Pantyhose, women wearbloomers and socks, or wide skirts and knee socks. Therefore, pantyhose isoriginally worn by men, and it is absolutely valid. Jixingfeng socksmanufacturer is the most excellent cottonpantyhose suppliers.

2. For sedentary white-collar men,tight-fitting pantyhose can improve blood circulation, prevent vein dilatation,have absolute effective control and treatment for thrombus and varicose veins,and can effectively resist fatigue, so that your legs are always full ofvitality. For long-distance travel, passengers who take a long train or planealso have the corresponding pressure and fatigue.

3. Warmth, pantyhose, especially thicker than80D and cotton tights have a warmth, and compared to bloated autumn pants. Thepantyhose is capable and expresses noble temperament, and when exercising,especially in autumn and winter, the weather is relatively cold. Wearing thickthick pantyhose under shorts is warm and flexible, so clean. The old-fashionedmethod of putting socks on the autumn trousers, wearing double pantyhose, playsthe role of pants and socks, and is convenient for exercise and saves time. Weare cottonpantyhose manufacturers.

4. Men wear pantyhose to prevent staticelectricity, so that the trousers always have a drape, and very straight, butalso prevent the friction of the crotch, good quality pantyhose andantibacterial deodorant. In addition, the tight-fitting pantyhose can preventthe bites of harmful insects such as fleas and mosquitoes. Therefore, malefriends who have field work, in order to be responsible for themselves, pleaseput on pantyhose.

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