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The magic of the old socks

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2016-10-12

In life we will have several pairs of more or less old socks. These old socks in our daily lives if we can turn waste into treasure can help us solve many practical problems. Here we introduce some of the magical way the old socks.

1. Shoeshine: set your hand directly in the old cotton socks can be very convenient to shoeshine.

2. Turn a couple of old socks into a ball shape and put into the shoes can prevent deformation.

3. Put a sock in hand scrub light bulbs and other uneven objects, convenient and easy to use.

4. To cut the old cotton socks set in the child's knees and elbows to prevent the skin wipe when children from falling.

5. The old cotton socks set in the broom can be a good way to remove the hair on the ground, dander and not easy to play dust.

6. Put old cotton stockings on the table legs can reduce the friction with the ground.

7. The old socks cut into a rag, easy to wipe, and good wash.

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