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The Importance of Socks

Kobe Yin 2016-10-13 13:27:10

socks are indispensable in the life of consumer goods, regardless of age, regardless of the crowd, everyone will wear socks, but you know how to pick socks? Most people figure cheap, that a pair of socks do not need to buy good. As everyone knows, socks often touch the foot skin, poor quality material, or heavy metal socks, will cause skin damage, and easy to make foot planted bacteria, so choose a pair of good socks is essential.

1.Good socks to wear natural comfort, mainly to see whether it is soft enough.

2.Socks are divided dyed yarn weaving and first dyed after weaving. If it is pure cotton yarn-woven socks, smell no smell, and there will be a touch of fragrance. But if it is first dyed after weaving will have a strange stockings taste.

3.Open the socks, if there is a line like a small braids so that it means that the socks are machine sewn. On the contrary, if there is not a line like a small braids so that it means that the socks are hand sewn and quality is relatively better, more comfortable to wear.

In the process of buying socks, to slowly learn to distinguish the quality of socks is good or bad. Wearing comfortable socks will give you bring you an unexpected effect..


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