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The importance of wearing socks to go out baby (2)

Kobe Yin 2016-12-08 16:42:10

Many people think that as long as the baby to go out to wear socks on the line, at home, no need to wear socks over your baby's feet. But doctors believe that even in summer, at home, the baby still wear socks.

That this is not representative of the high temperature, the baby can not wear socks? Summer, because the weather is hot, my mother will be directly to children wearing leather sandals or leatherette sandals, which is very wrong. Because socks more important than the shoes, the baby can wear socks do not wear shoes, but can not wear socks. Because in addition to feet to keep warm, do not wear socks baby's feet will lose a layer of effective protection. Some children's shoes due to material and technology will be harmful chemical pollution, do not wear socks will be directly exposed to the baby's delicate skin and detoxification function is not perfect body, and wear open toe sandals are likely to cause foot injury. At the same time, do not wear socks will make the baby's soft skin becomes dry and rough foot, and even the formation of mat.

All in all, whether the weather is hot or cold, let the children wear socks on their health are very good. But one thing to remember, we must choose good quality socks, because the quality of the socks to play a poor protective effect is very small, the children are not comfortable to wear.

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