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Good ways of storing socks (2)

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2016-12-08

Autumn cooler weather, socks became necessary, washed after the socks always refused to be honest together, here one, where one, so that the mothers are responsible for looking for socks break through the brains . Here we give you a few common methods of incorporating socks.

4. First fold after the nest

The socks into the "T" word placed in the bottom of the socks at both ends of the fold, the top of a sock after the end of the mouth into the mouth of the other socks. So stuffed into the socks part of the smaller, to avoid socks mouth at the Department received elastic damage, affecting wearing.

5. Sushi roll type

The two socks overlap, from one end of the volume to the other side, after the volume into the storage box, simple and convenient.

6. After the first volume system

After the socks rolled, not the same size box storage box is easy to loose, then you can use a rope or ribbon.


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