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The function of compression socks

Kobe Yin 2018-07-14 11:15:20
People who run with compressed socks are more likely to wear them, especially for long runs.It is mainly to prevent leg muscle injury, fatigue and recovery after running. Jixingfeng socks manufacturer  the most excellent socks knitting company, which provide you with compression performance socks on sale.

After a pair of good compression socks wear leg, you feel the tension, but also not be too tight to let you feel uncomfortable, but also has the very good permeability and absorb sweat, or long runs, friction between the socks and feet will let your feet blisters. Jixingfeng  the socks knitting specialist, China compression socks women.

Compression socks can also be worn to people with varicose veins, can effectively prevent varicose veins, for a long period of sitting, standing causes the varicose veins caused by blood circulation have a good effect.According to the doctor's friend, the nurse will prepare a pair of compression socks.

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