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The best baby socks material - "organic cotton"

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2016-10-04

Organic cotton is a pure natural pollution-free cotton, In agricultural production, do not add pesticides and chemical fertilizers to biological control of pests and diseases, natural farming management, do not allow the use of chemicals, in the production process also requires non-polluting. It has the characteristics of ecology, green and environmental protection. The fabric of organic cotton is bright and soft, has good rebound force, drapeability and abrasion resistance. It has good hygroscopic and air permeability, soft and warm. Has a unique anti-bacterial, deodorant properties; ease allergy symptoms, reduce the normal fabric of the skin is not true symptoms with the rash, more conducive to care of children's skin care.


Touching warm, soft and warm.

Moisture and perspiration is good, good ventilation, relatively close to the human body, wearing comfortable, no pilling phenomenon.

Anti-static, relieve eczema.

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