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Socks sewing crafts - Hand sewing

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2016-10-04

The socks are open after knitting from the machine,just like a cuff,and then to seam the sock tip. In general, socks are sewn with machine stitching,but the best method is “hand sewing”.

This is an ancient method. This is purely by artificial, slower, on the staff requirements are high. The appearance of the sewing machine is circular, However, the socks stuffed into the seam when the staff are required to align each needle, and then pull the excess thread, so stitching, the basic can not see the traces of suture, there is no overlap between the two layers of cloth is docking. There is no sewing a line, wearing in the feet do not feel stitching, of course, comfortable. In addition, the stitching position is also at the base of the foot.

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