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China manufacturer wholesale fashionable basketball sport socks

Baidu encyclopedia 2016-09-05 11:36:36
Sports Football socks, adhering to the young, dynamic, popular style, with stylish design, exquisite workmanship and the colors have been at the forefront of international fashion movement in the United States, Europe, Russia, Singapore, Japan and other parts of the world by the young people love.

Sport can bring joy, but some enthusiasts to dress and care, especially socks always get the attention it deserves, shoes, socks has been acting as a foil, it has long been thought to rely mainly on shoes protect the foot, however, pay attention to the feet and socks are most closely, if the inappropriate choice of words socks, shoes as feet will cause direct harm.

The selection principle sports socks
Any movement can not wear shoes barefoot exercise, even just walk for 10 minutes. Often at the end of a game or a PE, the foot was found to grind Xuepao, in addition to the possibility of shoes do not fit, the socks wear inappropriate is also very important reason. How to choose a pair of socks for sports it? Choose socks four principles:
First, the choice of materials, to choose cotton texture. Cotton material is soft, absorbent, comfortable to wear, especially in the outing movement. The disadvantage is that cotton fiber humidity effect is not very good, cotton fiber after wet, dry slowly, if multi-day events in the rainy summer, try not to wear cotton socks.
Second, the elastic sports socks better. Elastic socks fit perfectly good, it does not slip. Good elasticity socks after washing fiber clumping, resulting in deformation of socks, various parts of the uniform, people in the movement feel foot wear. When to buy socks, socks depends on the waist (cuffs) elastic fiber is broken, if broken, absolutely can not buy.
Third, sports socks are not the thicker the better. To determine the election according to the specific circumstances of the thin or thick, in general, feet sweat easily people should choose thicker; on the contrary, the election a little thin. Some sports, such as badminton, thick socks foot feeling the impact, so buy a little thin. In addition, if the ankle is injured, you should wear thick socks, it can play a fixed and ankle protection.
Fourth, the special project to wear special socks. Wear special socks participate in certain sports, some of the opponents of the project, such as football socks have a high waist, the purpose is to protect the legs, the movement must not be ignored.

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