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Recommend several good socks

Kobe Yin 2016-10-06 14:09:01

Business men socks

Men in formal occasions when wearing a dark suit,you should dress one pair long business socks.But you can not wear white socks,and do not reveal a length of leg in the pants below.

● Casual socks

Leisure scene is the best place to choose socks, here you can not rigidly adhere to the style of men and women respectively. But it is strongly recommended to wear high socks, or wear short socks or invisible socks.

Sport socks

Sports socks generally have short socks and tube socks. I recommend buying tube socks,because the tube socks can protect your ankle skin from excessive friction when you need to wear ankle or high shoes in motion. Sports socks should to be a little thick, cotton, plus a little polyester fiber to ensure flexibility.