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Pantyhose fabric

Kobe Yin 2016-11-28 19:20:56

Made of nylon or spandex pantyhose to maintain the original elastic, shaping the properties. However, this material is more easily broken nylon, scratching in the sharp objects on the broken situation is very common. While cotton and cotton blended pantyhose is more warm. Popular pantyhose has a standard production structure. The top of the elastic very strong. Cover part of the hip than the legs thick. The crotch is also made of stronger material, usually made of cotton. Legs and feet, to the toes are made with the thinnest weave, thick at the toe to be repaired.

Interestingly, the leg stockings used to be men's fashion clothing (16th century European and American people), invented by Scot, L.Maddox. The ladies covered the legs in public. However, the tradition is reversed, men wear trousers while women expose their legs. In the 20th century, pantyhose was a huge purchase of women. However, there are men's pantyhose on the market, they are known to keep warm, improve blood circulation, but also improve the perception and comfort. It is surprising that men's pantyhose has become part of the Iraq war. "One of the things American soldiers need in Iraq is pantyhose." Bart Starr said he was wearing pantyhose to keep warm when he was playing football, which would probably hold some people back, but pantyhose Is a way for the American soldiers to defy the nasty sand fleas. "

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