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Massage Socks- Dispensing socks

Kobe Yin 2016-11-26 14:25:11

Long sitting in the office, did not pay attention to the body, the meridian stiff, the body will have a small lump, insist on walking, pimple a lot less. Meridian barrier, the pulse of natural stiffness, the body is very nervous, very stiff, walk every afternoon for half an hour, the body relaxed. Physical and mental discomfort, mental and physical discomfort, physical and mental diseases are from the blood barrier, the reason is the meridian unreasonable qi and blood, so the body and mind are not free, by walking, blood smooth, and physical and mental freedom.


Medical speaking, walking can enhance blood vessel elasticity, reduce the possibility of vascular rupture, I believe this sentence, because, walking can enhance the whole body elasticity. Life is no law, easy to lead to muscle stiffness and no flexibility, is no strength, after walking to enhance muscle strength, as well as strong leg strength and foot strength, bones, and joints will become flexible.


Our factory socks in the conventional deodorant antibacterial easy to add a non-slip effect, and is arranged according to the body's acupuncture points to the layout, so as to achieve the effect of half a public times, put on plastic stockings, exercise points can be more accurate Massage, the health effects of the human body are more express the show. Now the technology is already quite mature, very comfortable to wear, we usually in the house, wearing a plastic socks can play the effect of non-slip, but also for the foot massage.

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