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Natural antibacterial - bamboo fiber

Kobe Yin 2016-12-19 15:32:16

Bamboo fiber divided into Natural Bamboo Fiber, bamboo pulp fiber and Bamboo Charcoal Fiber.

1.Natural Bamboo Fiber

Natural Bamboo Fiber is the true meaning of the natural bamboo fiber, biological enzymatic degumming process is the extraction of natural bamboo fiber, feel like hemp, compared to cotton and bamboo fiber feel hard. But the cost of bamboo fiber is several times, because the extraction of one ton of bamboo fiber needs about 17 to 20 tons of bamboo raw materials, the most expensive, but also the cost of the most expensive.

2.Bamboo Pulp Fiber

bamboo pulp fiber is what we usually call bamboo fiber, bamboo is made of bamboo pulp and then wet spinning made of bamboo fiber, the basic processing and viscose similar bamboo fiber is artificial cotton, is regenerated cellulose fiber. Feel silky soft and smooth, soft cotton to be more than slippery, with antibacterial deodorant, moisture perspiration, cool breathable effect.

3. Bamboo Charcoal Fiber

Bamboo charcoal fiber is the use of nanotechnology to talk about the micronization of bamboo charcoal, and then use the traditional chemical fiber preparation process, the bamboo charcoal powder into the chemical fiber (such as polyester, viscose) can be woven into bamboo fiber. Bamboo charcoal fiber is the main material of polyester or viscose or acrylic fiber and other chemical fibers. Because of containing bamboo charcoal ingredients, but also has anti-bacterial deodorant effect.

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