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How to choose a good winter socks to protect the health of the feet?

Kobe Yin 2016-12-20 17:54:23

Winter, how to choose the right foot socks to protect health, and now the weather gradually began to get cold, a lot of people will choose to wear in winter when the thick cotton socks warm, but friends in the winter of your socks choose right?


You want to know if the socks are not the right choice is also will give you a certain impact on the health of the Oh, then the usual life, how should we protect the foot health it? To pay attention to the maintenance of their own feet, the following just like me to find out about the foot care method.


For women, the health of the foot is very important, and good quality socks is a key factor in protecting the feet. So how a woman in the winter when the choice of good socks to protect their feet it?


Generally appear in several situations socks need to be replaced:

1. Socks lose elasticity

It will increase friction with the feet, walking or exercise without feet, if sweating, there will be creamy feeling, it is easy to hurt.

2. Socks thinner, with holes

Of course, socks wearing a long time will inevitably thin, it will also lead to heel injury or blistering.

3. Feel uncomfortable after wearing socks

If you put on your feet after a taut and itching feeling, there are obvious signs of Le, and so the discomfort of the time, then this shows that you choose the amount of socks is not suitable, these three aspects are needed We pay attention to.

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