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Men wear socks need to pay attention to what?

Kobe Yin 2018-02-28 09:14:23
The most important principle for men to wear socks(wholesale custom socks manufacturers) is overall coordination.Most of the time, the long pants will cover the vamp, only when you inadvertently see the existence of socks.At this point, its color, texture, cleanliness will provide your grade for your grade.


The men's stockings are divided into two broad categories - dark suit socks and light cotton casual socks, white cotton socks for casual wear and casual shoes.Many men like to wear white cotton socks(world largest modal socks manufacturers), even on formal occasions, which is very inappropriate.

When wearing formal attire at work, pay attention to the uniform or similar colors of western trousers, shoes and socks, so that the legs and feet can be integrated into a whole.For example, wear navy blue suit and leather shoes, so socks should be chosen for navy or black.


The biggest problem with nylon stockings is that they don't absorb sweat, air and smell, which can hinder communication. Therefore, men should choose to wear cotton socks or woolen socks.

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