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How to shoot socks well?

Kobe Yin 2019-10-30 10:32:38
Socks as a still life, to take good photos, weneed to pay attention to the skills?

And see small make up how to raise, hope tohelp you shoot.

1. Still life socks (young girl fashion socks suppliers) need to be equipped with relatively professional cameras and photographers toachieve good results.

2. The selection of shooting background isvery important. Good socks are made from nature, so it is better to take thereal scene from nature, so that readers can relax and feel like returning tonature.

3. It is better to wear socks on real people'sfeet in real photos, so that readers can feel connected.We are young girl fashion socks manufacturers.

4. The background color is darker than thesocks of the protagonist, so as to foil the socks of the protagonist.

5. The foot shape and leg line of a real modelshould be beautiful, otherwise it will make the whole picture feelincompatible.

6. In the modeling of the feet, it is betterto be lively and creative, so as to refresh the readers' eyes and senses.

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