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How to maintain socks?

Kobe Yin 2017-10-09 10:11:19
Although the socks are small.But how to maintain and clean the socks not to stink, and prolong the life of the socks also very important.

Today we will teach you how to maintain and clean your socks.

toddler socks production maintenance and cleaning

4. Regular cotton stockings, should be washed frequently and replaced, put in clear water for about an hour, then rub soap to wash with hot water, so that the dirt will fall off easily.

5. When the wool socks are washed, you should first cut the neutral soap containing alkali to the soap flakes, melt in the hot water, and then put the socks in after cooling, then gently soak the socks for a while, then gently scrub them with your hands.For more grimy socks and heels, rub some soap and rub it until it is clean.After the socks have been rubbed, rinse with water, slightly pinch dry, the Yin to dry in the air or in the sun.

6. Some people's socks are easy to stink, even the detergent can't be washed out, if used with vinegar, it can completely remove the stink.After washing the socks with washing powder, put in vinegar for a few minutes, not only can deodorize, also have the antiseptic effect.

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