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How do the socks maintain?

Kobe Yin 2017-10-07 14:29:21
Although the socks are small.But how to maintain and clean the socks not to stink, and prolong the life of the socks also very important.

Today we will teach you how to maintain and clean knee high baby socks.

Socks maintenance and cleaning

1. Regardless of your socks quality is good or bad, with a little salt water soak before did not wear, then out and let it dry naturally, the fiber will become more strong wear resistance.

2. Shoes inside to ensure that no nails or broken skin may result in silk stockings were hung, and shoe to cushion a best pads in case one thousand, pads at the same time can also be moistureproof, deodorize.

After going through the newborn ankle soft socks, when washing, pay attention: Separate washing.
One is to prevent the zipper of other clothes from hanging it, and the other is to prevent the bacteria on the foot from other clothes, especially underwear.

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