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How to identify cotton socks?

Kobe Yin 2018-03-27 08:24:55
Everyone wants to buy a pair of pure cotton socks(cotton sports socks maker), which is healthy and comfortable and breathable.

So how exactly do you identify cotton socks?

First of all, you can smell that pure cotton socks don't have a pungent chemical fiber and feel softer than other fabrics.

Second, you can see the appearance, as the saying goes, "a penny a points goods", since the material with a good, that the material of packaging, tags will not, generally good trademark paper card is very thick and the back of paper card is pure white.

Third, you can touch, pure cotton fabric feels plump, thick, look the same thickness of fabrics, pure cotton feels very real physique.

Fourth, you can pinch, the pure cotton knead after the obvious fold, fold the fabric to fold the fingernail to scrape, unfold after a clear fold line, and chemical fiber fabric knead but no fold.

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