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How to identify cotton socks? 2

Kobe Yin 2018-03-28 10:06:25
Everyone wants to buy a pair of pure cotton socks(dye cotton socks maker), which is healthy and comfortable and breathable.

So how exactly do you identify cotton socks?

Fifth, you can burn, the cotton fiber near the flame does not melt, contact the fire immediately burning, burning with the smell of paper, after the burning of fine and soft grey and white flocculate ash, no focus.Of course, it's impossible to do this on the side of a sock stand, and the boss will be angry, so you can see article 6 below.

Sixth, use a needle to stir up the inside of the sock a yarn, the root note there is no elastic yarns, with a lighter to burn, is a pungent smell plastic taste, and group that burning, like a hair is a big chemical fiber socks;It didn't burn up, and it came down with dust, and it tasted like burning paper, and that was all cotton socks(warm cotton socks maker).

The result of pure cotton socks is that it burns quickly after it is lit and lasts for a period of time. The cotton has very little powder ash and no particles or lumps in the hand.And the burning ashes of chemical fiber socks can be condensed into particles or clumps, which are hard to be crushed by hand.The cotton socks of pure cotton are high carbon plant fiber, and the smell of paper after burning is very different from that of chemical fiber burning.

In addition, cotton socks wear a long time, the surface layer will fall off layer by layer, remember is a layer, the better cotton, the better sports socks show more obvious.
Don't look at the old socks. It's a good pair of socks.

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