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How to distinguish pure cotton socks?

2021-01-12 16:48:39

Now in life, everyone wants to buy a pair of pure cotton socks, which are healthy and comfortable to wear, and have good air permeability. How can they be identified?

1. Smell-you can smell it, pure cotton socks don't have a pungent chemical fiber smell, and they feel softer than other fabrics.
2. Touch-pure cotton fabric feels plump and thick. It looks like a fabric of the same thickness. Pure cotton feels quite strong.
3. Look-whether the pure cotton fabric has "Aurora", use both hands to flatten the fabric and add a certain tension, the fabric and the body are at a 45 degree angle downwards, look at the light source to see if there is any glare flashing, if there is, it proves that there is chemical fiber.

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4. Kneading-There are obvious wrinkles after kneading the pure cotton. Fold the fabric in half and scrape it with your nails. After unfolding, there is a clear fold line, while the chemical fiber fabric has no wrinkles after kneading.
5. Burning-cotton fiber will not melt or shrink near the flame. It will burn immediately when it is in contact with the fire. When it burns, it will have the smell of burning paper. When it burns, it will become a fine and soft gray black and white flocculent ash, without coking.

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Pick up a yarn in the sock with a needle, pay attention to the yarn with no elasticity, burn it with a lighter, the smell is pungent plastic smell, and burn like hair, it is a large chemical fiber socks;
The cotton of pure cotton socks is made of high-carbon plant fiber, which emits a paper-like smell after burning, which is very different from the burning smell of chemical fibers. It will not form agglomerates when burned, and there will be dust falling, There are no particles or lumps when pinched by hand. The burning ashes of chemical fiber socks will condense into particles or lumps, which are hard to crush by hand.

If you wear cotton socks for a long time, the surface layer will fall off layer by layer, remember that it is layer by layer, the better the cotton, the better the performance of sports socks. Don't look at the old socks and they fall off, they are indeed good socks.