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How to clean and maintain silk stockings

2021-06-01 15:51:29

Stockings are made of chemical fibers, which have the advantages of natural fibers and synthetic fibers. Many girls have the problem of holes in silk stockings. If a pair of good stockings is to be durable, maintenance is very important. So how should I maintain my stockings?

Maintenance and washing of stockings:

1. Put the new stockings in the refrigerator for a day or two, then take them out and put them on, and wear them one day later to increase the toughness of the stockings.

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2. Before wearing, immerse the stockings in a basin of warm water with a little vinegar or sugar, and then put in laundry detergent for regular washing. Can make the fiber tougher.

3. Wash the stockings immediately after they are worn. Soak the stockings in mild soapy water for a while. Use mild neutral soap or shampoo to gently wash with your hands in warm water (not exceeding 30 degrees), or Clean the laundry detergent (do not use chlorine-containing laundry detergent or bleach), use a towel to absorb excess water when drying, avoid sunlight, as long as the fiber is directly exposed to the sun, the elasticity of the fiber will be greatly reduced. Then use clothespins to dry the socks. Do not dry them on bamboo poles or other uneven drying racks, which are easy to snag. Proper cleaning and care can prolong the service life of pantyhose and exert the most satisfactory effect.

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4. If you use a washing machine to clean, please put the stockings into the laundry net before throwing it in. (If you throw the stockings directly into the washing machine, you will see an elongated version of the stockings after washing--it has been deformed!)

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5. The stockings are not resistant to high temperatures. It is best to change the stockings you wear when you go to work when operating in the kitchen, so as to prevent high-temperature objects such as stoves and ovens from deforming and shrinking the stockings and affecting wearing. The nails are often trimmed, and the hard skin should be smoothed to keep the fingertips smooth, so that the stockings can be put on smoothly.

6. Before putting on the stockings, you can stretch it a little bit and pat your hands or legs with clean water to soften the rough skin dandruff to avoid yarn hooking. After putting it on, pull it slightly forward from the toe so that it won't break easily.