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How to choose socks for the elderly?

2021-11-24 11:33:04

Elderly people are prone to be afraid of the cold. Wearing socks can protect the feet of the elderly. So, what kind of socks are suitable for the elderly?

What socks should the elderly wear?

The socks of the elderly should have the function of maintaining normal body temperature, keeping the body clean, and even health care. The sweat glands distributed on the soles of the feet are as abundant as those on the palms. Even if the sweat glands on the skin of other parts of the human body stop, the sweat glands on the soles of the feet still continue to secrete. Especially in summer, the elderly need to wear thin, breathable, moisture-absorbing and moisture-removing socks, which is conducive to the volatilization of foot sweat.

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In terms of texture, the speed at which bacteria multiply on socks is polyester, nylon, wool, cotton yarn and silk stockings. Therefore, the socks for the elderly are best made of wool, cotton yarn or silk.
Because polyester and nylon socks have poor sweat absorption properties, and wool, cotton yarn and silk socks can absorb sweat and the water-soluble dirt contained therein, bacteria multiply slowly on these socks.

What are the precautions for the elderly to wear socks?

In order to prevent the socks from sliding down, many elderly people like to wear tight socks, and even the ankles have red marks, which is very harmful to health. The ankle is an important gateway for the blood circulation of the foot. If the sock cuff is tight, the venous blood can flow smoothly through the ankle and back to the heart. If the sock cuff is too tight, the venous blood that should flow back to the heart will stagnate near the ankle and cause the heart If the burden is heavier, it will cause high blood pressure in the long run.

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Many people are also prone to cold hands and feet. They always feel that their feet are cold when they sleep. They think of wearing socks to sleep to keep warm, but for the elderly, it is best not to wear socks to sleep. When a person is sleeping, the blood circulation will also slow down accordingly. If you wear socks at this time, the blood circulation of the feet will be greatly reduced, and it is easy to cause symptoms such as colder feet, numbness, and cramps.

Wearing socks is easy to sweat in the bed, and it is difficult to evaporate, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause athlete's foot. Sleeping with socks is more likely to suffer from athlete's foot than without socks.