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How to choose socks for babies in summer?

2021-06-04 11:26:05

In summer, the weather is getting hotter, and the lively baby sweats almost every day. At this time, choose socks for your baby. They must be soft, breathable, and comfortable.

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First of all, the tightness of the socks should be just right, even if the baby's fleshy feet are not tightened, it is not easy to fall off;

Secondly, it is best to choose boneless sutured socks to avoid the occasional thread inside the socks entangled with the baby's toes, causing irreversible damage;

Next, the material and thickness of the socks are also very important. They must be soft and breathable. Only when the soles of the feet are comfortable can the whole person be more relaxed.

Whether it is a small baby, a toddler, or a toddler who likes to run, a pair of comfortable socks can bring them a good sense of comfort. Now the baby's calf is fleshy, so the comfort of the socks is too important. Let the baby wear it without rubbing the skin, without strangling the ankles, and having a little tightness is just right.

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Boneless sutures, more comfortable, with a positive shape, and no heel loss

Every time you put on socks for your baby, it is very annoying that he can always kick it off in one second. Therefore, socks must not only have breathable and soft fabrics, but also the shape and craftsmanship that make the baby feel comfortable, so that the baby is willing to cooperate.

The baby’s skin is very tender. If the toe of the stocking is not sutured without boneless stitches, it will be easy to top the toes and the experience will not be good. Too long thread not only affects the comfort, but also entangles the baby's toes, causing hidden dangers.

Lightweight fabric, breathable and sweat-absorbent, providing soft protection for your feet

The baby sweats a lot in summer. If the socks are not well ventilated, they will sweat, wet and uncomfortable. Babies have a fast metabolism, and their little feet sweat, so summer socks should be changed and washed every day.

The tightness of the socks of Ji Xing Feng (Baby Socks Manufacturer China) socks can be adapted to most babies' body shapes, moderate elasticity, not easy to deform.