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How should foot smelly person choose socks?(4)

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2017-11-30
The root cause of foot odor is sweat in the foot, The sweat contains water, salt and lactate and urea. In sweaty conditions, the bacteria in your feet multiply and exfoliate the keratin and add the urea and lactic acid in your sweat, which will give off a bad smell.

If sock quality is poor, not breathable, do not absorb sweat, easy to cause the accumulation of flavor, the sour taste is heavier. So choosing the right mens socks productions is a milestone in the sense of getting away from your feet.

According to the demand to choose

1.Ordinary walk --
Choose comfortable, breathable bamboo fiber socks or hemp socks.

2. Exercise time --
Choose the soft, wear-resisting mair socks.

3. Excessive sweating of feet --
Choose breathable, moisture absorbent cotton socks.

4. Easy dry feet --
Choose wet polyester socks and polyamide socks.

5. Walking often --
Choose simple, light-colored, and smooth socks.

6. Warm in winter --
Choose warm, soft wool socks.

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