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Choose socks tips

Kobe Yin 2017-12-04 16:10:21
Socks are made up of socks cuff, socks leg and socks foot.The socks foot include heel turn,sole,instep and toe.

1. The socks cuff and socks leg need elastic suitable,socks sole need loose,socks heel turn need big.Sock’s instep smoth,socks’s cuff flush, the needle pattern is clear, Pattern, hosiery head, socks heel turn unexposed needle.

2. When buying children's socks, choose the lighter colors, and the more brightly colored, the more chemical ingredients are added.

3. The bottom of the sock should have a towel like a towel.
The main function of the hair ring is to increase the elasticity between the shoe and the foot, reduce the pressure of the foot, and can better absorb the wet perspiration.

4. The toe of the sock must be thickened, the force of the heel is the largest, and the toe is relatively weak. Special protection is necessary.

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