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How often do you wash your socks in winter?

2021-11-22 16:13:39

Compared with the amount of sweat in summer, you don’t sweat much in winter, so socks can be kept clean and fresh. At this time, I believe that many friends will not wash socks diligently. Jixingfeng reminds that if possible, it is best to stick to one day change. why?

1. Socks can be kept very clean and fresh in winter, but there are still many bacteria invisible to the naked eye.

2. People who sweat easily in winter must change it every day. If your feet are not particularly prone to sweating, you can be lazy and change every 2 days, but it is best not to exceed 3 days.

3. If you have athlete's foot or sweaty feet, it is best to change it every half a day, and change your shoes frequently.

4. Special circumstances, such as socks must be replaced in time after exercise.

5. If it is a baby, the baby loves to move, the feet are prone to sweating, and it is easy to get frostbite when sweating, so it is recommended to change the socks or shoes for the baby several times a day.

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Is there any harm in not changing the socks?

1. Infection with beriberi
If you don’t change your socks frequently, coupled with factors such as sweating on the soles of your feet and airtight shoes, it is easy to cause fungal infections, beriberi, and even onychomycosis. In addition, some friends are too lazy to go to bed without taking off their socks, especially in winter, as soon as they take off their shoes, they go into the bed. For obsessive-compulsive disorder, this is really deadly. The skin needs to breathe just like a human being. The same is true for the feet. I have been nestled in stinky shoes all day. It is time to come out and breathe out. Otherwise, the fungal viruses will come one by one. NS.

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2. Cause inflammation

If the socks and underwear that have not been changed for a long time are washed together, the mold can easily contaminate the underwear, invading your body wantonly and causing inflammation.

3. Break harmony

Whether you are at home or in a dormitory, your stinky feet will definitely arouse people's disgust. Therefore, for family harmony, it is necessary to wash socks diligently.